SmartTouch POS®

SmartTouch is our POS with advanced retail features manages all sales and warehousing activities for Appliance and Furniture stores. SmartTouch POS is very agile software and through a large cadre of options and configurations, SmartTouch POS will allow you to run your operation your way. Major program components include:

  • Advanced Retail with serial number or style number management.
  • High Volume Retail perfect for service and parts counters (note both styles of POS can be used simultaneously in the same store at different counters).
  • Customer and Account Management including Organizations.
  • Our own “One Stop Inventory” manager that does it all (Inventory, 5 stages of PO life cycle, Inventory history, Inventory Cards (Yes! Virtual inventory cards), and completely integrated and accessible from several areas of the program. Serial number tracking within the POS.
  • Integrates into QuickBooks and Cayan’s Genius Credit Card Processing.
  • Dock hand manager from receiving inventory and assigning inventory to invoices.
  • Financing Plans
  • Trailing Credits
  • A fully integrated Service Center that manages service and automatically creates invoice for customers and Warranty underwriters.
  • Large number of Management reports available with a Management Information Center that will compare on the fly, the last 3 years or past 13 weeks of production.

Have a slow network or you just want maximum speed? SmartTouch POS can be configured to use Socket Services which is the TCP/IP connection between two endpoints. Simply said, we can eliminate the Windows network protocol and operate at the fastest possible speeds. SmartTouch POS can operate as a Client-Server Approach or as a Pier to Pier Windows Network. There are so many ways of managing an Appliance and Furniture Store, SmartTouch can easily fit your business. Concerned about converting data, we have the Engineers that can do that for you. Unix, DOS? No problem. We can convert.

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