DHL Setup

For ShipRite Global Connect

This section covers carrier setup for DHL. To access the carrier setup:

  • From the ShipRite main menu, click the ‘Setup’ tab, then click ‘General Setup Options’.
  • Next, click the ‘Carrier Setup’ tab to the right.
  • From the Carrier Selection menu, choose which carrier to setup.


  1. Setup DHL Account Number

You have to perform this task on the server computer.

  • Go to Setup > General Setup Options > Carrier Setup > DHL-I.
  • Enter in your DHL account number. Also in this same screen verify that you have the correct rate type selected (RS1, RS2, or RS3).
  • Click the “Update Now” button.
  1. Setup DHL Label Printer
  • To setup the label printer, in the same setup screen click on “Local Features” and click on “PRINTER-DHL Label”.
  • If you are not sure which printer to select you can click on the “PRINTER – Eltron/Zebra” or “PRINTER – FEDEX Thermal Labels” setting and see what printer option is selected in there.
  • Use that same option for the “PRINTER-DHL Label” and click “Update Now.” If a pop up box asks you if it’s a thermal printer, say, “YES.” As of now we will not support printing DHL labels on 8.5×11 sheets.
  • You have to set the label printer individually on each workstation.

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