ShipRite™ History & Profile

Mark Ford at ShipRite Headquarters
Mark Ford at ShipRite™ Headquarters

In 1990, J. Mark Ford opened his first ShipRite™ Mail & Parcel Center in Cicero, NY.

By 1996, there were 3 ShipRite retail stores (N. Syracuse and Ithaca, NY were added.) To manage these stores, ShipRiteTM created its own POS/Shipping software in the newest Windows technology. In 1997, ShipRite began selling ShipRite Lite® for Windows to other retail shipping stores. This remained a part time venture until 2002, when a contract with DHL® was signed. DHL skipped over the other software POS systems and chose ShipRite for it’s advanced features and Rapid Application Development (RAD).

ShipRite has grown steadily since then, with many firsts and a large technological edge over it’s competitors. In 2006, ShipRiteTM Services moved it’s headquarters to Utica NY because of incentives offered by the City of Utica.

ShipRiteTM Services purchased a 1866 Italianate Mansion on Genesee St. in downtown Utica. With 9600 square feet, the company now has plenty of room to expand. Ford has also taken on the task of restoring the former J.B. Wells mansion, one room at a time.

In 2015, after 2 months of comparison against our competitor, PostNet International Franchise chose ShipRite as their next POS technology partner. This added 260 additional centers signed up with ShipRite Global Connect.

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