ShipRite Smart Mailboxes™

Our newest offering is the ShipRite Smart Mailbox system. This completely re-envisions the process of receiving and distributing parcels destined for your customers or students.
Watch the videos below to see our system.


  • TOTALLY CONTACTLESS PARCEL PICK UP. Customer only scans the code from their smartphone to pop open their door. See demo videos below.
  • The act of loading a package in a door automatically sends out an email to the customer
  • You can process 6 package pick ups per minute.
  • Customers can get their packages 24 hours per day.
  • Eliminate labor staffing a parcel pick up at the counter
  • Cloud based software gives management total insight to the flow of inbound parcels
  • Eliminates the need for SORTING
  • One cabinet of 24 doors replaces 75 old fashioned mailbox doors.

Click here to play the ShipRite Smart Mailbox product demo video.

Smart Mailbox Video Image

Click play (►) below to view the ShipRite Smart Mailbox in action:

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