ShipRite NEXTTM Retail Shipping & Point of Sale

ShipRite is more technologically advanced that any other system.

Tired of clicking NEXT, NEXT, NEXT?
To ship a package in ShipRite, you only go through 3 screens (POS, ShipMaster and Payment).

  • How about Updates? None easier than ShipRite. Updates are performed on the server only. Workstations are updated automatically. This eliminates the old fashioned way where you have to update the server first, then each workstation in the correct order. In the morning, you can start ShipRite on any station. No need to startup ShipRite on the server first. In fact, ShipRite does not need to even be running on the server for the workstations to function.
  • Superior Engineering: ShipRite is a member of the Microsoft Developers Network and all programming and tools are from Microsoft (including database). When a new version of Windows comes out, you don’t need our blessing to upgrade Windows. ShipRite is always upward compatible with Windows.
  • ShipRite Vault™. Automatically invoices your mailbox customers then RUNS their credit cards automatically. Imagine instead of spending hours at the end of the month invoice customers, spending 10 minutes. Have house charge accounts? ShpRite will automatically send them statements at the end of the month, run their card and send them a PAID receipt. Got regular customers coming in all the time? How about them not needing to even pull out their wallet? When you cash out, you click on USE CARD ON FILE. And YES, it is PCI compliant.
  • Postal Rates. With ShipRite, you get the LOWEST postal rates in this industry available from Endicia. We offer that to ALL our customers free. No need to pay extra.
  • Quickbooks: We have our ‘Fire and Forget’ system for Quickbooks. Once it is setup, there is NO WORK required on the part of you or your employees. When you close a drawer, ShipRite automatically posts to Quickbooks. The closer (clear) does not see anything. Just added a new department? When you close your drawer, ShipRite will create the new department in Quickbooks AUTOMATICALLY. Paying $25 extra per month? No extra fee for ShipRite.
  • ShipRite Fastrac Class: ShipRite offers not only training on our software, but on store operations. Come out to our Company Store and spend 3 days. We will not only train you on ShipRite’s POS system, but also train you on how to run store operations including Packaging, shipping, international, printing operations, signs & Banners, freight, mailbox rental, how to make money on drop offs and more.

With a ShipRite system you will NOT need:

Cash Register:  ShipRite’s POS is a complete cash management system including Accounts Receivable.

Multicarrier Shipping Software:  ShipRite’s ShipMaster compares the prices of the major carriers services on one screen.

Credit Card Machine:  ShipRite is integrated with TSYS/CAYAN to deliver full card functionality including automatically charging a customer’s bill at the end of the month or when their rent is due.

Postage Meter: ShipRite will produce not only USPS Postage on 4×6 labels, but postage imprints on small 1×1 labels.

Separate Mailbox Rental program or Excel Spread sheet: ShipRite’s Mailbox Master handles all functions for running a mailbox business.   Automatically sends out invoices AND runs their credit card.


Quickbooks: ShipRite is integrated with Quickbooks Online to handle most accounting functions.

Drop Off Management: ShipRite includes a Drop Off Manager for handling those pesky FREE drop offs, including producing a receipt and a disclaimer.  

Package Receiving: ShipRite’s Package Valet is included for managing Inbound packages for your customers to come pick up.   Additionally, the Package Valet is integrated with ShipRite Smart Lockers.

Please check out our YouTube channel for more direct info here.

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