ShipRite NEXTTM Retail Shipping & Point of Sale

ShipRite Next POS

The leading developer of Point of Sale for the retail shipping industry. ShipRite Global Connect is the flagship product used in retail shipping centers throughout the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Features include a complete Point of Sale, Inventory Manager, Multi-carrier shipping, Mailbox Rental Manager, package and mail check in and check out. SGC is in use in many different types of retail shipping outlets:

  • Mail & parcel stores
  • Shipping Franchises
  • Self Service Storage
  • Small to medium size shippers
  • University & College Mail operations

Our features include:

  • Point of Sale: Complete cash management, credit card processing, Accounts Receivable. Unlimited programmable ONE BUTTON TOUCH panel.
  • Quickbooks: Seamlessly linked to Quickbooks Online for all your back office work.
  • Multi-Carrier Rate Shopping: Compare each carrier on the same screen and with our unique View2 monitor, let your customers choose.
  • Mailbox Manager: Keeps track of your customers who rent mailboxes. Automatically invoices them at the end of each month. Automatically email your customers when rent is due or print paper invoices.
  • Package Valet: Check in packages for your mailbox or other customers and send them an alert email or text, or both. Keeps an inventory of packages on hand. Electronic signature capture when they pick up the packages.
  • Drop Off Manager: Manage the pre labeled drop offs and hold for the carrier pickup. Print or email manifests
  • Report Manager: ShipRite uses SAP’s Crystal Reports for all 25 different reports generated by SR. Every report will also export to a variety of formats including Excel, PDF, .CSV, etc.

ShipRite Smart Mailboxes™

Smart Locker

Contactless Smart Mailboxes™: IF you are going to offer Mailbox Rentals, ShipRite has new technology to help. Smart Mailboxes will allow you to offer 24 access for your customers for parcel or mail pick up. You can even mount them outside your store to avoid dedicating space inside for a pull down cage. These are moneymakers. When you load the door with parcel or mail, an email is automatically sent to the recipient with a PIN and QR code. Customer comes in and just scans the QR code and the Smart Mailbox with their item pops open. Contactless parcel/mail pick up.   Close the door, and that is then flagged as EMPTY and ready for the next time it is needed.   Multiple sizes allow you to use only the space needed to load that mailroom piece.

Features and Benefits

Economical:   Current Vendors of Smart Lockers charge over $500 PER DOOR.   The electronics can take up to 20-30% of the space in one cabinet of 24 doors.   ShipRite miniaturized the electronics using a Raspberry Pi Controller and our own proprietary PCB (Printed Circuit Board) to link all the doors together and pass info to the cloud.   Reduced electronics means a space savings (more doors) and a cost savings on hardware.   Simplifed software with a customized browser controls all the operations.   Translation:   Cost savings all the way around.

No Contact Parcel Pick up:   By using the customers smart phone for the first 2 levels of security, we have reduced the need for touchscreen or even card operations during parcel pick up.  Customer merely walks up to the Smart Mailbox™ controller and SCANS the QR code that was mailed to them.   The door with their consignment opens and is removed by the recipient. 

Offer 24 Hour Access:   Customer will no longer be restricted by pick up hours.  By mounting outside the store, 24 access is available immediately.  Possibility of vandalism is reduced since there is no touchscreen on the outside available to the public.  Mailboxes are connected directly to your cloud dashboard.

Simple, easy to train:   Load mail/parcels, customers pick up.   Simple operation, easy to train. 

ShipRite Smart Mailboxes™ Replacement Units

ShipRite Smart Mailbox™ Replacement Units: The purpose of these is to take the place of the traditional rear loading security or Salsbury mailbox modules.   You can see in the picture that these are to replace the rear loading Salsbury or Security private PO Box units. Since they are not numbered, 60 ShipRite Smart Mailboxes is the equivalent of 240 regular mailboxes. They can be rear or front loaded. They operate similar to the Smart Mailboxes. (Photo is of ShipRite Smart Mailboxes on top and old fashioned mailboxes below.). They should be available in the first quarter of 2021.

ShipRite SEND Self-Service Kiosk:

SEND Kiosk

With the SEND kiosk, there is no need for customer contact. The customer enters the Ship From, and Ship To on their smart phone and the SEND application returns a QR Code. The customer then brings their box to the SEND kiosk. They scan their QR Code and select which carrier they want to ship with. They pay for the shipping and then the label prints out. They then deposit the package in the collector.

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