ShipRite NEXT™: The leading developer of Point of Sale for the retail shipping industry. ShipRite NEXT™ is the completely redesigned flagship product used in retail shipping centers throughout the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. READ MORE

ShipRite Smart MailboxesTM

ShipRite Smart Mailboxes: This completely re-envisions the process of receiving and distributing parcels destined for your customer or students. Smart Mailboxes will allow you to offer 24 access for your customers for parcel or mail pick up. You can even mount them outside your store. READ MORE

ShipRite SEND Kiosk

ShipRite™ SEND Kiosk: This Kiosk system is a unique system for offering Self Service Shipping services to your clients with no need for customer contact. The customer enters the Ship From, and Ship To on their smart phone and the SEND application returns a QR Code. The customer then brings their box to the SEND kiosk. READ MORE


The ShipRite™ Story

Mark at ShipRite

In 1990, J. Mark Ford opened his first ShipRite™ Mail & Parcel Center in Cicero, NY. By 1996, there were 3 ShipRite retail stores (N. Syracuse and Ithaca, NY were added.) To manage these stores, ShipRite™ created its own POS/Shipping software in the newest Windows technology. READ MORE

Historic Headquarters

In the mid 1800s, downtown Utica was anchored by a large, upscale department store. The latest fashions from France and Europe could be found there. The name of the store was JB Wells Merchantile. Later known as simply JB Wells. The namesake and owner was John B. Wells of Utica. READ MORE

ShipRite’s Flagship POS

For three decades, ShipRite™ Software’s award-winning software has been the leading Point of Sale software for the retail shipping industry. ShipRite NEXT™ is poised to take retail shipping software into the “Future of the Industry” with it’s completely redesigned product. To take your business into the future, please CONTACT US.

ShipRite™ Software Introduction

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